Sale and purchase of real estate in Spain


Personal property search in Spain

We accurately fulfill the wishes of the client

Advice on property in Spain

Our specialists carry out preliminary consultations on questions of real estate in Barcelona and other regions of Spain.

Purchase and sale, registration of contracts

The contract of purchase and sale Escritura Publica - public legal document, certified by a notary certifying the right of ownership of the property.

Promoting investment projects

One of the main programs

Assistance in obtaining mortgages

Qualified approach to the collection and processing of all necessary paperwork

Migration services

Migration services for our clients

Trust management

We provide responsible oversight of the property during Your absence in Spain.

After-sale service

The guaranty Agency offers after sales service for real estate acquired. Repair.

Additional services

If You have chosen a property by your own and need an expert

Ask a question

Задайте вопрос и наш консультант свяжется с Вами!

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