Sale and purchase of real estate in Spain



Об «окупас»: испанские проблемы, которые нас пугают...

Когда наши соотечественники покупают недвижимость в Испании, то главным аргументом против являются страшные рассказы о людях, которые вселяются в квартиры без всякого на то основании, и освободить жилье не представляется возможным. И этой статье мы расскажем немного об этом чисто испанском явлении и, я думаю, что немного успокоим русскоязычных клиентов.  Итак, по порядку. Бытует мнение, что явление возникло как следствие экономического кризиса 2008 года, после массовых увольнений на многих п ... (read more)


  Who is responsible for the processing of their personal data? Identity: Garant Agents, SL Business name: Garant Agency Registered address: Carrer Pau Claris 149, 1-1, Barcelona Establishment: Carrer de Casanova 76, bajos 2 C. I. F.#: B66926437 Email: Phone: +34-938-328-094 What purpose we treat your personal data? We treat the information that we provide the user with the purpose of responding to the requests as required and keep you informed of our news. ... (read more)

The areas of Barcelona, the scheme.

In order to better Orient in Barcelona when choosing a property, offer You the layout of rejonowy   ... (read more)

Mortgage market news in Spain

Demand for mortgage loans to buy housing in Spain continues to grow. In January and February were signed 67,850 loans, 10,000 more than last year. After 2013, there has been progress in the economy and a rise in living standards, which has given new impetus to the housing market and, accordingly, the demand for new loans is increasing. Spanish families are gradually relieving themselves of the heavy burden of pre-crisis mortgage debt and are ready to take on new, more adequate ones. "Strong arguments for relieving o ... (read more)

Taxes related to the purchase of a property in Spain

The purpose of this article is to answer the questions of our clients about the costs associated with buying property in Spain. In addition to the cost of a property, which will be prescribed in a notarized legal document on the transaction (Escritura), it will be necessary to pay about 13-14% of the total amount in taxes. These calculations are approximate and do not take into account the costs of financing (mortgage lending). First of all, notary fees, since the transaction between the buyer and the seller or their of ... (read more)

Golden visa for property investors

The law No.14/2013 was issued a few years ago in Spain on the "Golden Visa"which gives a residence and work permit in exchange for investments: starting from 500,000 euros investing in real estate, from 2,000,000 euros investing in government bonds, from 1,000,000 euro for a deposit in a Spanish bank, or another option would be a business project with the creation of jobs, with important socio-economic or innovative value. Shares can only be purchased in operating companies which are  based in Spain.  In J ... (read more)

The profile of the homebuyer in the current real estate market

The buyer began again to act on the real estate market. He has returned, never really was at all, but with the passage of time has become more complex, distrustful, very cautious. The economic problems, the situation with the labour market are the realities of everyday life and does not contribute to the optimism of buyers. The Spanish real estate sector is still not fully recovered from the wounds left by the bursting of the housing bubble, but has already made big steps towards full recovery. The increase of the s ... (read more)

All the factors are important when buying property.

The price is the main thing to take into account when deciding on one home or another, but it is accompanied by another vitally important argument: the potential revaluation. Whether the property is going to be used for investment for leasing purposes, in search of profitability - as if it were acquired for one's own use, it is advisable to combine an attractive price with expectations of a solid future.In areas of high demand, there is little chance to achieve a price reduction. During bargaining   there is a h ... (read more)

Types of property: how to explain which type of house you want to buy in Barcelona

To determine a class of a property currently a big variety of parameters are applied.  The most important are the location, the quality of materials used for building, layout, square meters and additional services. Undoubtedly you are familiar with many of these terms, which for you can found in every ads for property sale: - Premium class property; - Business class property; - Comfort class property; - Comfort plus class property; - Economy class property. Economy class (aff ... (read more)

Alphabet Home Staging.

Outdated decorating carpets, worn out curtains, the peeling walls and broken tiles - the reality of many apartments in Spain, exhibited for sale or lease. To make a cosmetic repairs: to identify the main external strengths and hide at least the less attractive corners, fix everything that is not working (sockets, tap that drips). Also possible lubricate the door, which creaks, replace door handles to a more modern. Choose a neutral color and style: even if You're a fan of bright colors, which is not a sign of ... (read more)


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