Sale and purchase of real estate in Spain



The forecast of Spanish real estate market in 2018

 Spanish real estate sector starts this year of prosperity with some turbulence and with the shadow of an exiled bubble. It remains to be seen affected by the political situation in Catalonia. “People are slowing down sales decisions”, says Fernando Encinar, head of studies of Idealista. Prices of property in Spain will increase by 16.9% in 2018 compared to the previous year, surpassing the 472,000 operations, according to Julián Cabanillas, CEO of Servihabitat. The market loosens in the end of the year and do ... (read more)

How to calculate the profitability of the real estate in Spain.

1. Assess the potential of the purchased housing, the possibility of its revaluation. Price is the main component for determining a successful purchase, but you should not discount the other argument of vital importance: potential revaluation - it is recommended to combine an attractive price with the expectations of a solid future. In areas of high demand, there is little chance of achieving a price reduction in bargaining and the probability of missing the desired object is high. Therefore, before the visit it is ... (read more)

The "Meeting Point" real estate exibition in Barcelona

Barcelona Meeting Point is a unique professional real estate exibition in Spain which has reached international level. It was held in October in Barcelona . Experts not only offered their product, but also discussed the situation in the real estate market.  Our company operates in the central area of ​​Barcelona Eixample so we were particularly interested in issues related to this zone. Our colleagues confirmed that due to the increase of prices, a rent starting from 1500 euros became a commonplace. A significa ... (read more)

The tips for investing in real estate in Spain

Our advice is related to analyzing prices, choosing the best mortgage deal, forecasting costs and revaluation opportunities. Residential real estate is fashionable again. Every day more and more properties are sold, and its prices are rising very quickly. According to the National Institute of Statistics, the increase in sales was 4.7% in 2016. In Barcelona, ​​investors buy up to 40% of residencial properties from the total number of transactions in the real estate market, on average in the country this figure is 28 ... (read more)

Some tips for buying housing.

Are you looking for a flat in Barcelona? Do you already know where to start? We've prepared a few tips that will surely help you to find a good place to live in Barcelona. From how to make sure that all documentation is in order as far as resources to share an apartment, without forgetting how to choose the best location and orientation. Do not be discouraged, the ideal floor is waiting for you! Four basic rules SEEK THE SUPPORT OF EXPERTS Trust in a professional at least at the moment of formalizing the ... (read more)

Buy homes the second-hand to reform

The advantages of the housing of the second hand in comparison to the new works is their best location. The apartments built more than 20 years ago, are located in areas with good infrastructure. Speaking of the flats built, for example, in the 60s of the last century, is noted as a minus that the rooms are small and lack the heating, but, on the other hand, gives a great advantage to the trading and you can reform them easily without huge expenses. But you need to learn the attention to the possibility of the re-pl ... (read more)

A significant rise in housing prices in Spain. The country is emerging from crisis

Research Department is one of the largest portals Spain real estate Fotocasa has developed a special index, which reflects the trend of increasing prices. So in 2016 closed all trimesters with increases in prices for secondary housing, with the exception of the second. The average annual growth rate of 2.2 %. At the moment, was the rise in prices for secondary housing in Spain by 0.9 % during the first trimester of the year to 1.664 euros per square meter. Specialist research portal Fotocasa Beatriz Toribio pointed ... (read more)

Real estate investment in March 2017 reached for 3.520 million euros

In the first trimester of the current year the amount of investment in real estate reached 3.520 million euros, according to the Association of property management and real estate investment Laborde Marcet. More than half of these investments were made in Madrid and in Barcelona. If you drill down, the residential sector monopolized 42,5% investments, million Euro 1.495, and again took the leading positions. In recent months, 2016 this position is taken by the office sector. The hospitality sector provided 22.2% of the ma ... (read more)

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