Sale and purchase of real estate in Spain

The "Meeting Point" real estate exibition in Barcelona


Barcelona Meeting Point is a unique professional real estate exibition in Spain which has reached international level. It was held in October in Barcelona . Experts not only offered their product, but also discussed the situation in the real estate market.

 Our company operates in the central area of ​​Barcelona Eixample so we were particularly interested in issues related to this zone. Our colleagues confirmed that due to the increase of prices, a rent starting from 1500 euros became a commonplace. A significant rise of price was also noted in the sector of sales. According to the Government of Catalonia, in the first three quarters of 2017, prices for property in Eixample area were about 5000 euros per square meter of living space: the right side of the Eixample - 4900 euros per m2 and the left side of the Eixample - 3900 euros per m2.

The rise of prices were caused by a growing demand for a property in Barcelona. A large percentage of buyers are foreigners who pay for a property in cash. It is a rarety for them to take a mortgage. The main purpose is to invest money and rent a property. It is also some kind of investment for the future so that after retiring owners can live in a comfortable country.

For such investors an area has ceased to be crucial, because you can reach the centre in 25 minutes almost from anywhere in Barcelona.

This is an international trend. For example, in cities such as Berlin, this is already a familiar situation. Families prefer to live in suburbs choosing silence and the higher quality of life over noise of the central regions.

Nowadays the purchase of whole buildings for the subsequent rehabilitation and sale of flats is a popular thing in Barcelona. Over the past year, only in the centre of Barcelona more than thirty buildings have been purchased in total amount of more than 300 million euros.

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