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A significant rise in housing prices in Spain. The country is emerging from crisis


Research Department is one of the largest portals Spain real estate Fotocasa has developed a special index, which reflects the trend of increasing prices. So in 2016 closed all trimesters with increases in prices for secondary housing, with the exception of the second. The average annual growth rate of 2.2 %. At the moment, was the rise in prices for secondary housing in Spain by 0.9 % during the first trimester of the year to 1.664 euros per square meter.

Specialist research portal Fotocasa Beatriz Toribio pointed out that the price of housing stabiliziruemost after a very deep crisis, as can be seen in connection with the March rise, already sixth in a row. This changed the situation in the market was reflected in the behavior of sellers, we see a new proposal with a small price increase compared to the previous years, added Toribio.

In December 2016 in thirteen regions of Spain are observed quarterly positive change.

The list is headed by Catalonia, where the increase in prices was recorded at 3.4 %, followed by the Balearic Islands (+2.7 per cent), La Rioja (2.3 percent), Castilla and Leon (+1.2 %) and Canary Islands (+1 %), Andalusia (+0,9 %), Aragon and Valencia (0.8 %), Madrid (+0,5 %), Stra Basque (+0,3 %). On the contrary, Cantabria (-1.2 %) and Murcia (-1.5 per cent) registered a negative change. In the ranking of prices per square meter by the end of March 2017 lead: Basque Country (2.706 euros per square metre), Madrid (2.267 euros per square meter) and Catalonia (2.161 euros per square meter).

On the other hand, Castille - La Mancha (1.035 euros per square metre), Extremadura (1.098 euros per square meter) and Murcia (1.127 euros per square meter) are considered Autonomous communities with more affordable prices.

If you look at the history of the crisis, house prices in Spain peaked in April 2007: 2.952 euros per square meter. From that moment there was a decline on average by 43.6 %.

Catalonia is one of the leaders in price increases in the housing market.

Today's reality – a stable increase in prices and the recovery of the property market, particularly in Barcelona, in all its parts. In a densely populated area of Sants-montjuïc recorded the highest price increase to 7.3 %, with an average cost 3.310 euros per square meter. For comparison,in the working class district of Nou Barris, located at the opposite side of the city, the average price 2.099 euros per square meter, which is the lowest price in March. The district with the highest rates in the housing sector for March - luxury Sarria-Sant Gervasi district, he heads the city's ranking as the most expensive district. To buy property here, you will have to pay 5.271 euros per square meter.

Madrid also raises prices.

In the Spanish capital 18 of 21 analyzed regions showed an increase in prices in the secondary housing market:. Аrganzuela, one of the greenest districts (+5,6 %), Chamartín business district of Madrid (+5 %), modern Chamberí (+4,9 %) and working San Blas (+4.7 per cent). At prices for the quarter, leading the Salamanca district. To buy property needed 4.499 euros per square meter). Followed by Chamberí (4.366 euros per square meter) and Chamartín (4.302 euros per square meter) ), Centro (3.878 euros per square meter) and Retiro (3.626 euros per square meter).


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