Sale and purchase of real estate in Spain

Real estate investment in March 2017 reached for 3.520 million euros


In the first trimester of the current year the amount of investment in real estate reached 3.520 million euros, according to the Association of property management and real estate investment Laborde Marcet. More than half of these investments were made in Madrid and in Barcelona. If you drill down, the residential sector monopolized 42,5% investments, million Euro 1.495, and again took the leading positions. In recent months, 2016 this position is taken by the office sector. The hospitality sector provided 22.2% of the market (783 million) and logistics to 10.6 % (374 million). Laborde Marcet that the national investor has closed 4 out of every 10 deals completed in the first three months of 2017, which "suggests the increasing presence of the Spanish real estate market, relative to 2016."

On a national basis, British subjects, Americans, French and Germans were the main representatives of foreign investments and "played" in large transactions for the purchase of offices and shopping centers.

Laborde Marcet predicts a continuation of this trend in the remainder of the year and involves a record number of investments in real estate in Spain, more than 14.000 million Euro, 21.7% more than in 2015 and by 25.8 % compared with 2016.
According to the founder of Laborde Marcet Michel Laborde, the real estate sector reaches "out orbitakh" levels on the final transaction prices, so "there has been an imbalance between existing demand and available supply. Cities such as Barcelona and Madrid offer very attractive base of real estate investment for commercial purposes, but there are very few assets for a large number of interested domestic and foreign investors, leading to higher purchase prices and lower profitability," he added.

This is confirmed by other information sources.
Investments in offices in Barcelona grow 1,000 % and for the first time ahead of Madrid, as reported by Spain's El Соnfidencial, online planner, specializing in Economics, politics and Finance, dated April 19, 2017 :

Investment in the Spanish real estate market has gained speed cruiser, especially in Barcelona. For example, in the second week of Jan Merlin Properties announced the purchase of the Tower Glòries for 142 million euros and the preservation of its original use as office space. This is the biggest deal in Barcelona in recent years were registered in late 2016.
Good data in the logistics sector in Barcelona: a sales increase of 38 % compared registered transactions for the same period in 2016, when it was sold 89.968 square meters of warehouse space.


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