Sale and purchase of real estate in Spain

Costa Dorada

Gold coast is the coast of the sea located in the northeast of Spain, extends to 200 km from Vilanova up to Alcanar, province of Tarragona. Gold coast covers the entire coastline of the province of Tarragona.

Our tourists have assimilated this coast even in the soviet era, and now for example in Salou the cards of dishes of most restaurants is sirvenen in Russian. Costa Dorada is famous for its beautiful beaches of fine golden sand, over which fly blue flags, which is the european recognition of the purity and security. Many residents of Barcelona have here the houses and apartments for summer vacation.

In the next photo we see Sitges is located 36 kilometers from Barcelona. Information for customers who want to buy a property for summer holidays in Spain: prices of homes in Sitges are the highest on the Costa Dorada, almost the same as that of the upper area of Barcelona.



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