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Badalona is a city and municipality in Spain, in the province of Barcelona in the Autonomous community of Catalonia. The municipality is a part of the district (Comarca)Barcelones. Covers an area of 20.95 km2. The population 217210 (2014). Distance to the administrative center of the province is 10 km away. the Town is part of aglomeratsii Barcelona. Located on the left Bank of the small river besos and on the Mediterranean sea. Near the city is the mountain range of the Sierra della Marina. The municipality is the third largest population in Catalonia after Barcelona and l'hospitalet de Llobregat.


Badalona – a satellite city of Barcelona, almost part of it. Lilac branch m, ETRA capital Catalonia ends in Badalona ( metro stop Gorg, Pep Ventura, Romney i Fabra). Numerous bus lines serve the city Barcelona and Badalona at the same time (yellow buses with the letter at the beginning of the route), one of the tram lines lead from Barcelona's famous zoo on Gorg.

Simply put, buy a home in Badalona is like in Barcelona. The housing stock is somewhat different: here, more cheap housing, because Badalona was originally and remains a working area. But in the coastal area have grown and continue to build a modern home, apartment prices which are not lowerthan in exclusive areas of Barcelona.




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