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Barcelona — city in Spain, capital of the Autonomous region of Catalonia and of the province. The port on the Mediterranean sea in 120 km from border of France. The largest industrial and commercial center of Spain. One of the most important tourist destinations in the European routes.

About the city in which we live and work, written a lot, but since You're going to buy an apartment or a house in Barcelona, it is unlikely You will be interested in tourist information (architecture, monuments, museums..). So I will try to report as much information as possible related to real estate in Spain. First of all, I will talk about some of the types of housing that we sell.

Penthouse is apartment with a terrace on the upper floors of buildings, fashion and the prices of which are rising. Apartments in new buildings at the top – penthouses are the most expensive. If we talk about second homes, now luxury villas with elevators opened a real hunt, there is even a real estate Agency specializing only in such housing. But the interesting and best deals on the market.

Loft in Barcelona are often found in the area of Poble Nou is a huge bright space with large Windows, many converted from industrial space. They are very few partitions, that design tends to minimalism. Now in Barcelona to buy a building for the loft – a great success. Sold already prepared, and the prices are not cheap.

If You are interested in other types of flats or houses, please write to our e-mail and I will gladly share my knowledge, associated with the purchase of housing in Barcelona and Spain in General.

Our office is located in the heart of Barcelona, Eixample. In the photos below - street where we are.




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